What’s the greatest challenge facing NHS Estates today? Going net zero by 2040? Designing with improved flexibility and adaptability? Using SMART technology to advance patient and hospital experience? At WSP, our ‘future ready’ ethos is at the heart of delivering projects which will be relevant for decades to come. 

For every project, we bring together the relevant expertise from our local and global healthcare teams making sure the right solutions are put in place for you. 

Find out how we’re tackling and answering your key questions to deliver the hospitals patients need for today and in the future.

Helping you on your journey to net zero

Planning and delivering a net zero carbon NHS

Barny Evans, Director of Sustainability, WSP, will discuss what the NHS wants to achieve, the scale of the challenge and how to address it.

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How do you target net zero carbon in an organisation with a footprint larger than many European countries?

Andrew Wildgust, Director of Healthcare Advisory Services, breaks down the five key areas that will need to be analysed to work towards a net zero NHS.

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Enabling healthcare facilities to operate in a carbon positive future

Like the NHS, Australia has found their healthcare buildings are some of the highest energy consumers in the built environment. How can we transition healthcare buildings into being 100% electrified?

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Modern methods of construction – from conception to practical completion in 12 months

Listen to Sarah Wallwork, Healthcare Planner at WSP and David Hartley, Managing Director at MTX discuss what can be achieved with MMC.

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Digital collaboration pushed the possibilities of 3D design and offsite construction

Working with Laing O’Rourke, The Grange University Hospital was delivered four months ahead of schedule using the latest technology which increased productivity by 45%.

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Rethink Offsite

As industry leading experts in offsite manufacturing for construction, WSP assists clients across the globe in developing new and modern methods of construction.

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How do we design in a post-covid world?

What Has Covid-19 Taught Us About Healthcare Delivery?

COVID-19 has provided a new lens through which to view how healthcare is delivered, and what is possible to achieve. How can we seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity?

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Hospitals After COVID-19: Can Design Instil Trust?

Healthcare facilities must not only be safe, but be perceived as safe.

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After COVID-19: What Does A Resilient Healthcare System Look Like?

Examining why we weren’t ready can help us equip for future disasters of any kind.

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Smart Technology in Healthcare

What if we can design a truly smart hospital?

So what if we can design a truly smart hospital? A building with a digital ‘brain’ and artificial intelligence that can connect with a patient’s needs and meet them in every respect? It’s closer than you might think.

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How can Smart Tech make healthcare more resilient

2020 was, among many other things, the year the world became obsessed with data.

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Capital value of healthcare projects delivered in the last 3 years
£5.6bn £5.6bn
Healthcare projects delivered in the last 3 years
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of NHS Trusts served by WSP
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