What new leadership qualities do we need to deliver our shared vision of seamless road journeys? Follow our Leadership Playbook series where we explore different ideas and perspectives around how we can prepare for the future of transportation.

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What does leadership mean to our leaders in the road sector?

Read here to find out what leadership means to Paul Unwin at Highways England and watch the video below to see how it compares to the views of WSP people, including apprentice Jasmine Ewers, consultant Emily Ellis and MD, Steve Smith.

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What could we achieve in a culture that embraces change?      

How do we create a culture of innovation that enables us to anticipate the unforeseeable, perceive the unexplainable and plan something unbelievable?

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Can offsite and digital technology revolutionise how we create smart motorways?

Read how rethinking what we already know in the light of what's coming holds valuable answers                                                                            

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How can we create strong teams and project success by building trust?

Read the conversation between our behavioural experts Honor Morris and Ffion Jones on how to build real trust that lasts all the way from project conception to handover, and beyond.

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How embracing your inner child can make you a better consultant

Read how applying a curious and inquisitive approach to projects can deliver something you’d never have thought possible.

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Why true collaboration is key to improving customer experience

Read why working as one is key for delivering large projects and realising the ongoing benefits for end users.

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Why we need to build resilience for the future, now  

Read about the ways building resilience will help people embrace the changing needs of clients and design better roads for everyone. 

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