How will tomorrow’s trends reshape how we consume water? What effect will climate, technology and population have on water and day-to-day life?

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Profile: The water-conscious family

In the future, will we opt for properties with a lower water impact? The Harley family have chosen to retrofit their property to make it more water efficient.

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Blog: Recycled water: overcoming the ‘yuck’ factor

Will future generations be horrified at how we use water today – treating valuable water from rivers, reservoirs and aquifers to drinkable standards, only to flush it down the toilet or wash our cars with it? As our descendants happily drink water they know has been recycled from wastewater, will they wonder what took us so long to change our ways?

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Profile: The single person shopping for food

What will water scarcity mean day-to-day? Water footprinting could change the way we shop for food and water limits may encourage us to make more informed choices.

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Blog: Behaviour change is the next big challenge

We all need to change how we think about water; it is a precious commodity to be valued highly. Unless consumers come to view it in this way – and respect and conserve it accordingly – the UK’s water services sector will not be able to meet the challenges of population growth and climate change. That, in stark terms, is the issue the industry is facing.

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