Through digital technology we harness the power of data to increase efficiency, unlock value and transform business models.

The wide-ranging support we offer – from solving complex problems and bringing insight from data with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to optimising operations through digitisation – has a common thread: people and information. Digital is about creating new ways of working that put people first.

Whatever the project – advising, planning, analysing, designing – we use digital technology to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and communities. We also combine human experience with key insights to make sense of data and apply it in the most efficient and productive ways, using our own digital innovation platform to create problem-solving apps for our clients.

At WSP, this is what our people bring to digital.

Going net zero

The common goal of governments and society is to combat climate change by 2050. 

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A circular economy: more than net zero

We know that the circular economy makes good sense for our planet, but what business benefits can it unlock too? Watch here to find out more.

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What if digital transformation was the key to unlocking net zero

Improved use of data, technology and connectivity across transport provides an opportunity to improve safety, customer experience and delivery efficiency. Is it also the key to achieving a net zero transport system?

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Driven by digital innovation

Our people are embracing value-based delivery methods and are continuously looking for ways to do it better.

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7 reasons why: offsite

Teaser sumWe recognise that providing meaningful value to a community starts by acknowledging that the overall value of an infrastructure project could amount to more than the benefits cited in the business case. Watch to find out more about our 7 point 
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Delivering greater efficiency, less carbon and increased safety

Richard Anderson talks about offsite manufacture and the significant benefits it can bring to the road industry when minimising disruption is key.

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Digital and the built environment

Internet of Things (IoT) is by far one of the most disruptive yet groundbreaking evolutions in our society today. Find out more about the significant technological advancement it offers property and infrastructure owners.

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Digital resilience by design

Find out more about how the tremendous opportunity that Smart building technologies present to advance the built world and improve the human condition.

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Smart unplugged

Don’t get hung up on the gadgetry. Smart is about the ends, not the means.

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