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Nature can help us tackle all kinds of challenges our society faces
Tom Butterworth Deputy Head of Ecology
An area of native planting in a city like London can be very biodiverse and also bring health and wellbeing benefits to huge numbers of people – not just those who live in, or who can afford to visit, the countryside.
Hannah Bilston Associate Director
Hannah Bilston

Why nature matters

WSP Ecology experts, Hannah Bilston and Tom Butterworth, discuss the Bright Blue research on the value of nature and reflect on the wide-ranging, often overlooked, benefits nature brings.

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The Nature-Positive Changemaker

Natural Capital and Biodiversity expert, Jenny Merriman, is helping individuals to understand their relationship with nature so they can build sustainability into the core of their businesses.

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Boosting London's Biodiversity

In this episode of WSP’s Engineering Matters podcast, our client – Transport for London (TfL) – takes us for a tour around London, one of the world’s greenest cities, to hear about the value of nature.

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Biodiversity & Natural Capital

Enhancing the habitats and ecosystem processes that connect and sustain us.

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Extinction Contradiction: why climate action isn't always good for biodiversity

Our net-zero commitments should bring wider ecological benefits, but if we’re not careful they might exacerbate another global crisis.

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Herbal Remedy: making space for nature in cities

Can we afford to make space for nature in our ever more crowded cities? Faced with overheating, flooding, pollution and the threat of total ecosystem collapse, can we afford not to?

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WSP supports Natural England to create the new Biodiversity Net Gain toolkit for developers

Developers in England will soon be required to quantify and mitigate the biodiversity impact of their projects. WSP supported Natural England in the creation of a toolkit that helps developers navigate the new legislative requirements – and ultimately create projects that provide a net positive benefit for biodiversity.

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Can we turn electricity substations into nature-positive assets?

One problem, three teams, no constraints.

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