Putting people at the core of operations

At WSP, we understand people; what makes them tick; what makes them ready for anything; what challenges them. In the work we deliver to the defence sector, this insight is critical.

As an engineering consultancy, we’re not on the front line but the work we do to connect people with places where they can thrive in a positive environment can keep our UK’s armed services personnel operational.

In a WSP Hour, our people can make the extraordinary happen. From designing places that engage and inspire, to ensuring infrastructure is safe and resilient, everything we do puts people first.

Putting people and our environment at the core of operations.

WSP’s Pledge to Net Zero

Find out more about how we’re working with clients across public and private sector to achieve net zero by 2050.

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A circular economy: more than net zero

We know that the circular economy makes good sense for our planet, but what operational benefits can it unlock too?

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People and place

The opportunity and urgent need to tackle the climate emergency underpins future trends in how people connect with places.

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Delivering efficiency and certainty to operations.

Delivering greater efficiency, less carbon and increased safety

Read more about the ways we’re using design for manufacture and assembly construction to solve some of the unique challenges that come with working in aviation.

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Design for manufacture and assembly

From greater efficiency to reducing disruption, find out more about the benefits modern methods of construction can bring.

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Value-based delivery

From developing game-changing offsite manufacturing techniques to championing a culture of trust and shared leadership, our people fuel positive change and greater efficiency.

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