WSP Changemakers: Think Customer

At WSP, our Changemakers always think 'customer'. All of our designs and advice for the UK's highways sector is centred around the needs of all types of users to ensure they have access to reliable, safe and sustainable infrastructure. We know that there is no “average” driver, passenger or user, so from those who drive for a living to families going on holiday; the experienced and the new drivers and those who may have a physical or mental impairment, we consider how our work will affect them.

This extends to how our designs may impact road workers from construction to maintenance, always putting their safety first as well as the wellbeing and quality of life of those who live near the network. We consider the interface with stakeholders such as local authorities, utilities and logistics companies and of course the Police and Traffic Officers who work on the network every day.

At WSP, we make sure our designs are inclusive, safe and sustainable for everyone.

Meet Beth: a Highways Planner for a local council

How does she manage planning and design with stakeholders?

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Meet the Joseph family who live beside a busy motorway

What are their concerns around air quality and wellbeing?

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How digital roads will help keep an ageing population moving

Now in their 70s, retired couple Harjeet and Daljit enjoy travelling from their home in the midlands to visit their growing brood of grandchildren across the UK and beyond. Although in recent years they have embraced different modes of transport, including buying electric bikes so they can cycle to their local shops , they  still rely on driving for longer journeys.

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People don’t know and don’t care whose roads they’re driving on. They just want a smooth journey – and that’s what I can give them, thanks to the digital tools we have at our disposal.
Beth Highways Planner

How are road designers working to put customers first?

Meet Ezra, a road designer and customer experience advocate. Read their persona to find out the ways they and their team make sure end-user needs are what drives projects forwards.

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How will road workers lead the way towards sustainable motorways?

Meet the McAllister family; three generations of road workers who have led very different lives. Read here to find out how Maeve McAllister is leading the way in sustainable practices and benefitting from a healthier life because of it.

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How customers will benefit from customised journey information

The Taylor Family live near Birmingham and regularly travel the length and breadth of the country to go on camping holidays. Travelling with children has its challenges, so they need up-to-the-minute traffic information to help deal with the dreaded “are we there yet?” question on repeat.

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We live in an able-bodied world, but our lives could be so much easier with a bit more consideration. Fortunately, there are some developments on the horizon that I hope will improve things.
Kevan Wheelchair User

‘Test driving’ new schemes through virtual reality

Lorry driver Alonzo Gregory is part of a digital drivers’ panel who have agreed to test new roads as an early stage of public consultation. Alonzo is keen to know what difference encountering these vehicles, which will have no cabs and can platoon in close formation, will make to how we drive.

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How customers can benefit from self-aware infrastructure

Tammy Haigh has travelled to work in Manchester from her home in Huddersfield four days per week for the past three years. She leaves early to avoid the traffic but has noticed over the past six months that she has had to leave increasingly early to be on time. 

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Wheelchair user Kevan Baker

Kevan was paralysed at the age of 19 when he was involved in a serious collision on the M18 motorway. Following a successful Paralympic career, he was honoured with an OBE in 2012 for his voluntary service to disability sport.

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Road users facing anxiety and stress

The different views and feelings about the world opening up again and getting on the road

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