Our teams based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth enable our national and local authority transportation clients across Scotland to connect people with places whilst putting sustainability and inclusivity at the forefront.

At WSP we’ve taken the ambitious action to halve the carbon footprint in our designs and advice by 2030, which will help transition to a Net Zero Scotland for the benefit of the environment, our people, and our prosperity.
Mark Naysmith CEO

Going Net Zero

The Scottish Government has committed to combat climate change by 2045.

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A circular economy: more than Net Zero

We know that the circular economy makes good sense for our planet, but what business benefits can it unlock too?

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What if digital transformation was the key to unlocking Net Zero

Improved use of data, technology and connectivity across transport provides an opportunity to improve safety, customer experience and delivery efficiency. Is it also the key to achieving a net zero transport system?

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The range of skills and expertise we offer has grown significantly and we are better placed than ever to deliver solutions that comprehensively address Scotland’s unique opportunities and challenges for the benefit of local communities whilst embracing our country’s extraordinary heritage.
Julia Gilles Regional Director, Scotland & Ireland

The rise of social value

We explore why delivering social value to the communities local to our projects is an essential  element of any successful infrastructure project.

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WSP Changemaker: Deepa Nair

“Some might see social value as the new buzzword replacing corporate social responsibility, and there’s a definite overlap, but it goes much further,” says Deepa Nair, WSP’s Social Value Lead. 

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Meet the Joseph family who live beside a busy motorway

What are their concerns around air quality and wellbeing?

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Our commitment to efficient delivery whilst maximising value and safety is at the heart of our collaborative team approach. This enables our teams in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth to deliver our shared vision for Scotland’s transport system.
Thomas Grahamslaw Associate

Driven by digital innovation

Our people are embracing value-based delivery methods and are continuously looking for ways to do it better. 

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Future Mobility

At WSP we have long taken an evidential approach to our work to understand the trends influencing transport. We focus on desirable outcomes, not the technology. Future Mobility must focus on people, the day to day activities they undertake and the places they visit.

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Delivering greater efficiency, less carbon and increased safety

Richard Anderson talks about offsite manufacture and the significant benefits it can bring to the road industry when minimising disruption is key.

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Looking back on my career at WSP, I’m amazed at the breadth and scale of the projects that we’ve delivered across the country. For me, the A9 dualling stands out due to the positive impact it will have on safely connecting Scotland’s cities, not to mention the opportunities it’s providing to encourage industry collaboration and innovation.
Duncan Hamilton Major Projects Director

Generating social value from Scottish infrastructure projects

Rachel McEvan, Associate Director at WSP, and Kenny Paxton, Principal Geotechnical Engineer at Atkins discuss how to make the most of opportunities for creating social value.

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Active travel in Falkirk

Connecting communities is more important now than ever and we're proud to be working in partnership with Falkirk Council and Sustrans to build over 5km of shared-use pathway between Falkirk, Bonnybridge and Denny.

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Powering and Protecting Scottish Heritage

Along the west coast of Scotland lies a chain of more than 136 islands that are home to some of the UK’s most remote communities. For thousands of years, farming and fishing have forged a deep connection between the islanders, the land and the sea.

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