Climate Resilience

Our climate is changing, from increasing temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns to rising sea levels and more frequent and severe weather events. We help governments, businesses and communities plan and adapt for these changes, helping them to build resilience and be Future Ready.

Complex uncertainties

Climate change brings further uncertainty to the already-difficult task of steering an organisation through the future. With warmer, wetter winters and drier, hotter summers coming our way, how does your business need to adapt?

At WSP we provide organisations with the expertise they need to plan for the future, identify climate- and weather-related risks and develop strategies to help them adapt and be climate resilient.

We set the standard for responding to climate change on the journey towards becoming Future Ready.


Climate foresight and planning

Using a range of techniques to explore how megatrends will affect your organisation, we help you see the future more clearly and prepare for what it will bring. Discover more about our climate foresight and planning service.

Climate risk and adaptation

Identifying the risks from climate change and developing adaptation measures enables you to secure a resilient and prosperous future. Discover more about our climate risk and adaptation service.

Climate financial reporting 

Lenders and funders rely on our expertise in due diligence and climate-resilient investments to ensure the projects they support are Future Ready. Our reporting experience helps financial institutions and other organisations disclose how climate resilient their portfolios are. Discover more about our climate financial reporting service.

Setting the standard

We don’t just ensure our work meets the highest standards for responding to climate change; we help set those standards. WSP contributes to emerging guidance such as ISO 14090, ISO 14091 and ISO 14097, which help provide funders, investors and other decision-makers with certainty that their projects are climate resilient.




Dr Paul Munday
Associate / Climate Resilience Lead
United Kingdom