Lattice: Digital Innovation Platform

Lattice is our new digital innovation platform where you can harness the power and potential of data sources to answer your complex questions. With Lattice, we create bespoke, self-updating apps, creating tools to do exactly what you need.

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WSP created an intuitive, visibly-powerful tool, they worked very quickly and effectively and took the time to understand our client needs (both our own and our partners’) - ensuring the tool can be used with very little instruction or training.
Naomi Green Head of Technical Programme at England's Economic Heartland

Your big questions?

Define the exact question – or questions – you want answered. We craft the right data-led solution or approach.

  • “How can you analyse long-range carbon emissions?”
  • “Can you help me predict flood levels and timing?”
  • “How can we calculate embedded carbon?”
  • “Can you help me engage my stakeholders and contribute to the challenges of our region?”
  • “How can we understand and manage my assets more dynamically?”


Our experts will work with you to home in on the exact question you want answered, before teaming up with our in-house developers to build you a bespoke app using Lattice.

Each Lattice app benefits from our access to a wealth of environmental, planning, transport and socio-demographic data – from both static and real-time sources.


Lattice brings together different services. Depending on what you need your app to do. 

Services include:

  • Visualisation
  • Analysis and analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Forecasting and prediction
  • Processing
In time, we will be working towards a subscription model that will enable you to access your own core apps on demand while receiving relevant upgrades across all Lattice services as soon as we release them.


Lattice was created by WSP’s Smart Consulting specialists, a group of multi-discipline technology specialists who are obsessed with exploring, understanding and using digital technology to deliver efficient, intuitive and engaging services and insights.

Andy Porter
Head of Digital Innovation
United Kingdom
Contact Andy

Andy would be delighted to explore your challenge and how we can help support with our Lattice enabled digital and data toolset. +44 797 140 0356