New Mobility

Connectivity, automation, sharing and electric propulsion are enabling seismic change across all aspects of mobility – from the way we commute to how we plan and develop infrastructure for the cities of today and the future.

The opportunity offered by New Mobility is significant and highly valuable, particularly to city and area leaders, place-makers, transport network owners, mobility and technology providers.
David McAlister, WSP Global Director, Transport and Infrastructure

The large-scale introduction of self-driving vehicles will have major impacts on our urban centres.


Exploring System Dynamics to Guide New Mobility Decisions Today

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We need to make sure the framework will take the new realities into account to ensure that our roads are safer and more efficient.
Scott Benjamin, Technical Director, Intelligent Transport at WSP in Australia.

Shared Use

This bundle lies at the heart of place-making change and relates specifically to vehicle ownership models, and to the extent to which we might be prepared to move towards shared mobility and away from private car ownership.


Business Models

This element is critical to cost – both actual and perceived – and the ability to create change that will stand the test of time. It requires imaginative, fast and decisive action.

Supporting decision-makers with a web-based system dynamics tool

Managing the complexity of new mobility technologies and systems
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Preparing Societies for Autonomous Vehicles

A View From Asia: Embracing challenges from concept to reality 
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Cultivating Sustainable Transport Systems

Essentials for Long-term Positive Outcomes
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Sustainable Mobility Post COVID-19

Is COVID-19 pushing the need for climate friendly mobility?
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Micromobility - Has COVID-19 unleashed its potential?

COVID-19 gives micromobility another stage to showcase its potential
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Going Small - The Transition to Urban Micromobility

This white paper looks at models and interrelationships between micromobility operators, users and cities where they are located.

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New Mobility Pilots Future Aviation

The Aviation Addendum to the New Mobility Now report offers a look at the changing world of aviation in light of developments related to the automated, connected, electric and shared aspects of New Mobility.

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New Mobility Helps Shape Customer-Centric Public Transport

The Public Transport Addendum to the New Mobility Now report offers a look at the changing public transport sector in light of the automated, connected, electric and shared aspects of New Mobility—with a focus on bus and rail-based modes.

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Designing a Smarter Road for Colorado

Innovative mobility services continue to emerge in urban centers, leveraging the latest GPS, fare integration and detection technologies. While much of this innovation has been spurred by the private market, the tools also provide transit agencies with an opportunity to redefine public transportation.

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