Profiling our people – Emeka Okorocha, Technical Director

As our combined responsibility to design and build sustainable infrastructure is recognised and accepted, businesses are looking for resilient solutions that stand the test of time. Technical Director, Emeka Okorocha has been delivering these for WSP’s clients for over ten years - and has no plans to slow down now.

Emeka believes that working in an environment that gives people the opportunity to be themselves as well as the space to grow is undoubtedly what contributes to great teams and individuals who go on to deliver standout projects.

I’ve led and contributed to the development of some iconic infrastructure in the built environment and pushed the agenda for sustainable and future ready developments that benefit people as well as the economy. I’ve seen people enjoy travelling, living, learning, teaching, experimenting and relaxing in spaces I’ve been involved in creating.

At the heart of these critical projects is a sense of long-termism and building something great for the future. Whether he’s working on universities, stations or airports, Emeka puts sustainability at the forefront and champions initiatives to ensure that net zero targets are maintained. This is not always easy, but by keeping an unwavering focus on how societal trends, peoples’ needs and community’s demands upon the built environment change, he and the teams he works in can design flexible buildings that will be as relevant and useful now as they will in a century’s time.

A career highlight for Emeka was leading a WSP team to produce over 1000 construction drawings in 4 months for a RIBA stage 4 design for Heathrow’s Terminal 2B. At the time this was an ambitious target, but having achieved it and travelled through the terminal several times since, he’s proud to look around with a proud smile thinking, “I did that!” The terminal has sees a total of 18m passengers travel through it per annum, and it will remain a key part of Heathrow Airport’s infrastructure for many more years to come.

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