Holidays are precious for the Taylors, so minimising the journey time to their campsite destination is key. They prepare as much as possible before setting off; from deciding what to pack in the car to organising fun activities to keep Eli and Elsa amused. Planning the optimal route however is all well and good, but changes mid-journey because of congestion or road works increase in travel time and stress levels.

Even though the Taylors have a connected sat nav, information about delays on their route rarely comes through in enough time for them to plan an alternative route. This means that they get stuck in a queue of traffic which eats into their holiday time. What if there was a way to flag up delays sooner and, more importantly, provide alternative routes and their journey implications in plenty of time to let the Taylors feel more in control of their journey and make an informed decision?

Technology that links live and predicted traffic conditions to the Taylor’s sat nav and sends them the relevant traffic information as well as route options to improve their journey is a possible solution. It’s hard to make good choices with one person driving and the other entertaining the kids, so this information is designed to be as straightforward and trustworthy as possible.

This new way of presenting trusted and timely information could mean that the Taylors save time on a long journey, but what other benefits could it deliver to them?

Finding family-friendly rest areas that help break up long journeys is also important to for them. Service stations can be busy and expensive and can be far apart, so the Taylors want options for stops with scenic picnic areas where they can eat and have a comfort break before getting back on the road. The same technology that delivers alternative journey options can also push information to in-car devices on the options that would best suit their needs, as well as result in the lowest possible impact on journey time.

These technologies are all being developed by innovators who are working to make our roads future ready with a firm focus on customers. It won’t be too long before we can answer “are we there yet?” more easily and accurately.

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