At a glance: 
Client: Kier and Highways England
Completion: December 2017
Collaborators: AssetScape
Outcome: Improved safety and reduced costs
WSP solution delivered 50% project savings

Specialist collaboration

Kier, hired by Highways England to relocate CCTVs cross the UK, tapped WSP to develop an efficient and safe solution that utilised our robust capabilities, including software development and use of software applications.

This project showcases an excellent collaboration between technology, expert engineers, data professionals and software developers.
Mark Oldfield Solutions Director , WSP

WSP Data Solutions and the team behind specialist asset management software AssetScape collaborated to create a bespoke solution – a new tool that enabled Kier to place cameras in a realistic virtual landscape and see exactly what the camera would see from there in real life. 

Bespoke software
When an operator places a camera using AssetScape, the tool employs mathematical geometric equations and algorithms we developed specially for this project to calculate its reach and capture. The view captured by the camera is visualised in a landscape showing Highways England’s road network and associated assets. This is built from existing LiDAR data, photogrammetry and Ordnance Survey maps.

Safer and quicker 
The collaborative approach, steered by WSP, utilised data to deliver a bespoke asset management software solution that drove real results for Highways England and users within their highways ecosystem. Our software means engineers no longer need to go on site next to busy roads to verify CCTV locations. This is safer, quicker and also more cost-effective – especially since designs for CCTV placement can be revisited easily, without arranging traffic management to protect workers on site.

AssetScape enabled us to reduce costs and also removed the need to carry out potentially dangerous site investigations.
Ross Foley Kier

CCTV is not the only area where we are harnessing AssetScape to improve highways asset management. We can use data Highways England has already collected to create a 3D world of any part of its road network and visualise assets – even underground ones, such as drainage. This avoids repeated data collection, reducing costs, and enables analysis to be carried out on real operational assets.  With the software’s scope and capability evolving all the time, this innovation can help drive improvements and transform highways asset management.

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