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June 2021 | 6 Minutes

All About The Children - Queen Silvia's Childrens Hospital


May 2021

The community empowering Changemaker

United Kingdom

May 2021

The accessible Changemaker

United Kingdom

May 2021

Delivering transformation change to decarbonise rail

New Zealand
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Authors in Society

Deepa Nair
Social Value Lead
Ian Patey
Head of Profession
United Kingdom
David Symons
Future Ready Global Leader, Director - E&E, UK
United Kingdom
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Mike Woolgar
Water Strategy Director
United Kingdom
Nikki Van Dijk
Associate, Climate Resilience
United Kingdom
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Harry Knibb
Associate - Sustainability & Wellbeing
United Kingdom
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Ian Liddell
Managing Director, Planning & Advisory
United Kingdom
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Tim Morrison
UK Aviation Sector Director
United Kingdom