Tim Danson, Environment & Sustainability Associate

The circular economy is not a new endeavour, but Tim Danson has brought a fresh focus to the many projects he has worked on to help them reach new heights in sustainability and performance.

Tim has seen the circular economy agenda gain extraordinary prominence in the last few years, to the point where sustainable resource management is now a crucial element of any designed scheme.  

Since he began his career, he has worked on projects which boast some impressive sustainability stats: most recently, supporting the design of a net zero railway station that is forecast to achieve a 55% reduction in lifetime carbon emissions and a 36% increase in materials resource efficiency.  

The projects which Tim has been a part of, such as Birmingham International Transport Hub and Government of Jersey Household Reuse & Recycling Centre, arguably lay the foundations for designs that will stand the test of time and leave positive legacies for those that will use them.  For Tim, his work to help clients deliver circularity is a critical part of this story: systemically managing materials so they are used and maintained in their highest value applications, eliminating waste (and wasteful thinking!), and prioritising the consumption of renewable resources.  This approach is inherent to our net zero ambitions, and ties in directly to a natural capital approach – all whilst fostering clean growth. 

My stand-out project (to date!) is HS2 Curzon Street Station, Birmingham, for which I remain Environment & Sustainability Lead.  Over my time on this project, I’ve formed so many lasting and positive relationships with my WSP colleagues and others from our client and delivery partner base.

Tim understands how important a truly collaborative mindset is to achieving circular and net zero outcomes. He knows that what the teams he’s part of do so brilliantly, is bring together the right people, at the right time, and with the right expertise to ensure resource management performance is maximised on schemes from the outset.  His intrinsic belief that infrastructure projects can, and must, leave a positive and lasting legacy for communities and the environment is what drives Tim to continually strive for ‘exemplar’. 

For more information on the work WSP does to achieve Net Zero, visit the link below. 



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