‘Monday One Day’ is WSP’s bold new campaign to reduce carbon emissions from business travel as part of our bid to become carbon neutral by 2025. The campaign offers everyone the opportunity to sign up and be committed to avoid travelling for business on Mondays.

UK CEO, Mark Naysmith, has already pledged to stop travelling for business on Mondays from today 09 April, as part of our bid to become carbon neutral by 2025. If we all commit to taking on the ‘Monday One Day’ challenge, we could save the equivalent of a staggering 30 trips to the moon in a single year.


Business travel is our main offender when it comes to carbon output, accounting for around half of emissions. By calculating previous years’ travel, based on the total miles of our road, rail and air travel from last year, we predict that we could save the equivalent of 239 trips around the world in a single year.

The ‘Monday One Day’ commitment is exclusive to business travel, not your daily commute and simply involves a virtual, personal pledge without any forms to fill.

Though avoiding travelling on a Monday may not be possible or practical in every instance to begin with, here are a few tips that we encourage anyone to follow that may help to get started:

  • Consider using Skype as the first option for meetings
  • Try and make your meetings more efficient and concise so you may need to have less – try these tips for effective meetings
  • Combine meetings in the same regions or with the same clients into the same day
  • Support each other – you could use incentives with your team if you notice that meetings and travel are being booked on Mondays
  • Where possible, let your clients know that we are proud to adopt ‘Monday One Day’ and will avoid travelling for business on Mondays

We’re thrilled to have recruited some eager ambassadors across our business who will be championing sustainability initiatives such as ‘Monday One Day’. They will follow the travel hierarchy as well as tracking Business Travel Carbon performance across the business.

  • Planning and Advisory – Chris Dixon
  • Property and Building – David Bownass
  • Transport and Infrastructure – Sean Campbell
  • Water, Energy and Industry – Louise Pownall
  • Management Services – Kate Bird

You can chat to the Carbon Champions by emailing UK-CSR@wsp.com.