Preceding the ITS World Congress 2019 in Singapore, WSP demonstrated to a group of transport practitioners how a new proprietary system dynamics tool supports decisions embracing new mobility.


Building on insights from the scenario development process introduced in 2018, The WSP Scenario Planning Toolbox is now enabling decision-makers to test how different assumptions can impact future transport in cities and places around the world. Working with an interactive web-based system dynamics tool, which can be adapted to local and regional conditions, WSP experts and transport practitioners can collaboratively explore how different factors can shape the behaviour and development of transport systems.

The tool—developed by an international team of WSP experts in data and system analysis, transport modelling, and system dynamics modelling—addresses questions such as:

  • What decisions are needed today to guide the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), and shared mobility services?
  • How can we use policy levers to manage the uptake of EVs and CAVs?  
  • What are the main factors that will bring about a “tipping point” for mass uptake of EVs and CAVs?
  • How would an increase in EV and CAV uptake impact the market for shared mobility services?
  • How do we create and distribute a robust charging network that supports EV uptake?

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