WSP to deliver WMCA’s first Five Year Plan as it gears up the region to be net zero by 2041.

WSP, the multi-disciplinary professional services consultancy, has been appointed to advise the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) on crafting and delivering its plan to become a net zero region by 2041.

WSP will produce the first Five Year Plan (FYP) for 2021-26, providing clear guidance on what measures need to be implemented for the Combined Authority to become net zero by 2041.

The first of four FYPs, it will set the pace and tone of WMCA’s engagement with constituent local authorities and wider stakeholders and, for the first time, set interim carbon budgets for the authority to meet.

This follows from WMCA’s approval of ‘WM2041: A Programme for Implementing an Environmental Recovery’ on World Environment Day this year and acts a proactive and ambitious response to the Combined Authority’s declaration of a climate and ecological emergency last summer, as well as a plan for the region to accelerate its green recovery post-COVID19.

WSP’s plan will bring life to WM2041’s five principles: ensuring no-one is left behind in the transition; investing in the resilience of places; using its industrial past to create a new future; creating places and connections that help meet the climate challenge; and decoupling prosperity from the consumption of energy and resources.

Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street said: “Our plan for the West Midlands has always been about securing investment in the high-tech, well-paid and ‘green’ jobs of the future, so that as we secure our economic future, we secure our planet’s future too.

“Our Five Year Plan for the region is designed to help us achieve our ambitious #WM2041 goal of being a net-zero carbon region by 2041. And a key part of the plan is enabling everyone to play their part and benefit by ensuring that tackling climate change and securing good jobs go and hand in hand.”

“We’re ambitious. There is a huge amount to do, not least because of the impact of the pandemic. But our partnership with WSP will help us achieve our goal – so that as we strive to recover from the threat of the Coronavirus and its threats to lives and livelihoods, we reduce the threat to the future of our planet.”

Barny Evans, Head of Sustainable Places, Energy & Waste at WSP, said: “As one of the fastest growing and most diverse regions of the UK, the West Midlands is determined to take a lead role in showing how to grow whilst moving to net zero. This strategic appointment will allow WSP to bring the full breadth and depth of our experience to help the West Midlands meet this challenge and grasp the many opportunities of transitioning to a net zero society and economy by 2041.

“From our flagship Midlands base in the Mailbox, WSP is already working with local government, public and private sector organisations to decarbonise their operations and help them and their communities act positively on climate, now, for the future.”

In May, WSP and thinktank Bright Blue published ‘Delivering Net Zero: Building Britain’s Resilient Recovery’, a collaborative manifesto on how the UK can deliver a net zero economy by 2050, which included contributions on how national and local government can act to bring net zero to the fore.



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As the largest environmental consultancy in the UK, WSP takes pride in leading the way we collectively tackle the climate emergency. Working collaboratively with industry organisations, WSP co-founded ‘Pledge to Net Zero’ which commits environmental services firms to science-based carbon targets and public reporting. In May 2020, we brought together the public and private sector for our Delivering Net Zero report, and WSP is on course to become a net zero business by 2025 – an achievement for which we were named Global Good Company of the Year in 2019.