We are pleased to announce that WSP has received an “A-” score for its latest response to CDP's annual Climate Change questionnaire, issued on behalf of investors and customers to more than 17,000 organizations globally in 2019. 

WSP’s score is up from a “B” in 2018, placing us close to the top of over 8,400 respondents, where we are seen to be implementing best practices in our actions and approach to contributing to a sustainable future.  

“As we grow, our responsibility to promote more sustainable business practices also grows,” says Isabelle Adjahi, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications – WSP’s Global Sustainability Sponsor. “We take our responsibility to address climate change matters very seriously, both in our own operations and the advice we provide to our clients. We believe it is incumbent upon companies like ours to think ahead and plan for the future.” 

CDP is a non-profit organization that provides a global disclosure system for companies and cities across the globe to manage and measure their environmental impact. A detailed methodology is used by CDP to score responding organizations, allocating scores of A to F. The scores are based on disclosure, awareness and management of environmental impacts, as well as leadership associated with environmental management, such as setting ambitious and meaningful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets. 

For further information, consult our 2019 CDP Climate Change questionnaire response and our latest Global Sustainability Report.*  

*Our 2019 Sustainability Report will be available in May 2020.