Canada’s Largest and Most Complex Heritage Rehabilitation Project

“Our successful bid for this fascinating project was the result of a combined interdisciplinary effort and collaborative approach that successfully leveraged the strength of our local and global teams. The keywords on this project being innovation, technology and sustainability, we are proud to work with our partners to maximize our support on these aspects. As design of the building’s rehabilitation and modernization progresses, we will be advising on opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint; optimize energy use; enhance occupant health and well-being; and produce designs which are ready for the future.”

Bruce Carter
Lead Program Manager

Centre Block is one of Canada’s most iconic buildings and houses the seat of government for the country, including the House of Commons and Senate Chamber.

The scope of the Centre Block Rehabilitation (CBR) project includes comprehensive restoration of Centre Block and its integrated Peace Tower, along with the completion of the Visitor Welcome Centre Complex, and over 25 enabling and 40 investigative sub-projects.

WSP is leading the joint venture partnership, branded as CENTRUS, and is providing all engineering and design management services. HOK, our partner in this joint venture, will lead all architectural and conservation efforts, supported by strategic partners Architecture49 and DFS Inc. architecture & design. The CENTRUS team is located close to the site with the construction management team, our client and user representatives in an integrated project delivery office.

Up to 400 people will be mobilized in the joint venture at peak
400 400
Multiyear project with the full work schedule to be determined by the end of 2019
2019 2019

The restoration is a complex blend of heritage conservation with appropriate and sensitive contemporary interventions such as new mechanical, electrical and security systems, as well as a comprehensive seismic upgrade strategy. The joint venture is driving improvements to the long-term durability of the building enclosure at Centre Block, while maintaining and enhancing the prestige of this unique and high-profile cultural asset.

Centre Block was closed for parliamentary and senate operations at the end of 2018 to enable the initial investigative work and subsequent refurbishment phase.

Seismic Modelling

We are performing advanced, analytical, non-linear modelling of this historic building to determine its response to seismic shaking. Various seismic upgrade strategies are being explored, including the use of seismic isolation technology as a means of minimizing the structural intervention and its impact on the building’s heritage finishes.

An established team of Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts is providing cutting-edge tools to the design team to deliver this project.