Crossrail South East Section

Network Rail’s $218 million South-East Section Project is part of Crossrail, Europe’s biggest construction project.



  • United Kingdom


  • Network Rail

Project Status

  • Complete
Hailed by Network Rail as “a flagship project for collaborative working”, it became the first Network Rail project to gain accreditation for BS11000 collaborative working.
Our 40-strong design team was fully integrated with Network Rail. Supported by a further 75 design specialists, they delivered over 100 design deliverables in 8 months and, in doing so, completed GRIP Stage 4 on time and to budget.
At the concept design stage, we implemented state-of-the-art BIM practices to develop a 3D coordinated multi-disciplinary design model linked to the schedule. This supported progressive design integration and early construction sequence reviews by our Early Contractor Involvement team. The BIM model ultimately provided the foundation to produce fully coordinated multi-functional drawings within the program timescales.
The model also carries asset data information, which is in full use on the main station building and continues to be developed. We are now actively engaged on stepping up this level of integration into a 5D-CAD environment for program planning, including cost and risk.