Exemplary service delivery in a new commissioner service provider model

Shropshire Council has utilised our skills and resources to provide professional engineering services since 2000. In 2015 we were appointed to provide the next generation of service delivery. This does not feature ‘traditional’ client – consultant roles. Instead it consolidates efficient and effective delivery through a new commissioner- service provider model, ensuring customer focus and overall affordability.


The new commissioning and service provision model refocused responsibilities and new ways of working have been introduced. As service provider, our experts are now responsible for all key day to day service delivery, including designs, inspections, programme management, project management and construction supervision. There is integration with the council’s staff across the full service scope, supported by joint/integrated staff briefings and joint service reviews.   

During the first 18 months the following results were achieved:

  • Rapid and effective alignment of commissioner-service provider delivery.
  • Commissioner roles in structures and asset management undertaken by our staff.
  • Transfer of additional functions to our experts, such as highways DC and road safety education.
  • Delivery of Level 3 DfT capital maintenance funding on target for 2017.
  • Good progress on remodelling the Highways Alliance, including the procurement of the new works delivery contract (£20m pa).
  • Knowledge sharing through our twice yearly Good Practice Forums.
  • Substantial social value added through joint activity on STEM, apprentices, ex-offenders and ex forces personnel.
  • Very high performance results achieved.
  • Shared reputational success through industry awards.
  • Innovative and well received local projects delivered.
  • Critical transportation projects for economic growth are being delivered.  
  • Joint training undertaken on asset management and NEC3.