London 2012 Olympics Groundwater Remediation

The London 2012 Olympics represented one of the largest regeneration projects of its kind. Located in east London, the brownfield site had a legacy of soil and groundwater contamination that required remediation, having had over 150 potentially contaminative uses as a result of its industrial past.




  • London, England, UK


  • The Olympic Delivery Authority

Project Status

  • Completed

Groundwater is not only a source of drinking water - it used by farmers to irrigate crops and by industries to produce everyday goods. Groundwater remediation is the process used to remove  pollution or contamination of water supplies caused as a result of human activities or natural conditions. Groundwater remediation was a huge challenge for the Olympic Park site, which was transformed from a 550 acre post-industrial contaminated landscape into an Olympic venue in less than five years. The regeneration included the relocation of residents and businesses, the demolition of all buildings and structures and the remediation of groundwater at a total of eight locations across the site.


number of potentially contaminative uses of the site
150 150
number of stand alone groundwater remediation projects
8 8
acres of the site
550 550

Each of the eight areas requiring remediation presented its own set of technical and logistical challenges that required site specific solutions to meet the remediation objectives within a demanding construction programme. 

The main stadium site required the treatment of a range of contaminants within a strictly defined timetable, whilst allowing unhindered access for construction activities at the surface. Groundwater remediation was achieved by the injection of a strong oxidant into the subsurface through an array of permanently buried injection points and dedicated delivery lines. The oxidant was prepared, metered and delivered from an injection plant located away from the injection area allowing free access for construction activities.

The WSP team delivered all of the projects within the timescales, doing their part to deliver an unforgettable games.