London Bridge Quarter

London Bridge Quarter includes not only Europe’s tallest tower – the Shard – but another 17-storey tower – The Place – and a completely redeveloped transport hub, bringing together bus, train and tube services in a much more user-friendly and pleasant space.


As well as providing engineering design on both the Shard and the Place, WSP is lead design consultant for the redevelopment of London Bridge station. This will provide additional capacity and seamless connection between Thameslink, other overground train services, the Underground and London bus services.

The challenge WSP faces is to develop a world-class design which incorporates the required increased track capacity, from six to nine through platforms, while keeping the station operating safely and with minimum disruption to passengers.

At the same time, the engineering and architectural teams will ensure that the design produces a passenger environment consistent with 21st century expectations.

WSPs designers have been future-proofing the designs, using pedestrian-modelling analysis, to accommodate demand for the next 60 years.

The existing bus station was already on a constrained site, but it had to be upgraded for not only buses but taxis and pedestrians as well. WSP was responsible both for the finished designs, and for phasing the delivery of the project – a complex logistical challenge.

One of the most dramatic transformations is a new entrance corridor to the underground ticket hall. WSPs pedestrian-modelling analysis was used to predict how passengers will use the space, and convinced the client to make a key alteration – a new access corridor lined with retail space, called the Joiner Street link.