Nationwide Asset Register Data Capture Programme

Through detailed surveys, assessments and data-recording for above-ground assets at facilities across the Republic of Ireland, we are providing Irish Water with in-depth information needed to prioritise investment and undertake proactive maintenance of water and wastewater assets.


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  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Water Infrastructure Planning and Engineering
  • Water Supply and Distribution
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Project Value

  • €2+m

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Project Lead

  • Irish Water

By providing accurate and comprehensive data for over 400 locations with assets serving approximately 80% of the population, WSP’s water team will enable Irish Water to use the most up-to-date information to prioritise investment in meeting customer expectations and environmental standards. Future plans for rehabilitation, replacements and upgrades will be informed by this data.

Historically, water services assets in the Republic of Ireland were built, owned and operated by the local authorities. Irish Water was formed as a national utility to manage cost-effective investment into the reliability, quality and environmental performance of water services. Achieving this depends on having robust information about the location, purpose, condition and performance of assets – as well as current and future service demands. This is where we come in.


Locations surveyed:
Project length (months):
Population served by assets:

Mobile data collection

Our teams in the field are using bespoke software installed on iPads to capture data on site on behalf of Irish Water. They:

  • Capture actual site processes and sub-processes.
  • Capture required asset data (such as make, model and serial number).
  • Capture GPS co-ordinates.
  • Apply an Irish Water identifier tag to each asset.
  • Photograph each asset including its identity tag.
  • Carry out a visual asset condition grading assessment.

We pioneered the use of video walk-through on non-infrastructure sites in Ireland, capturing all processes and sub-processes at each facility with voice-over descriptions to provide technical specialists, and asset planners alike, real-world appreciation of operational status.

With 35 water specialists across the island of Ireland, WSP has the strength and depth for a project of this scale. Among the facilities our teams have surveyed is Ballymore Eustace, the largest water treatment plant in Ireland supplying approximately one million customers. By the end of this 30-month project, we will have provided Irish Water with robust data it needs for this and the hundreds of other locations across the country.