Chemical Industry

Whether it’s engineering modifications to debottleneck part of a particular process or managing the expansion of a fully operational, high-hazard and space-constrained facility, we offer substantial expertise to help you navigate one or all project phases, regardless of the project location or scale of operation.

Extensive chemicals experience

 WSP has engineered solutions for some of the most hazardous substances, at some of the world’s busiest and most tightly constrained operating sites. Our chemical sector experience includes fine chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and coatings, solvents, highly toxic chemicals, fibres and resins.

Working with clients such as Victrex, Kemira, Lucite and Cabot, we support every chemicals industry sub-sector.

Support across the asset life cycle

Whatever the location and scale of operation, we have the rich understanding of industrial processes and the multidisciplinary design expertise needed to support every stage of an asset life cycle.

From manufacturing plants to power generation projects, and everything in-between, we can provide a full engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) service.

Our chemical industry specialists have extensive experience resolving operational issues. They understand that chemical companies around the world are focused on refining their business models and manufacturing footprints, pursuing opportunities in developing markets and investing in R&D and digital technologies. We help clients optimise operational efficiencies and processes, maximise process and operational safety, reduce energy consumption, and minimise emissions.