Solar energy

WSP supports the industry’s leading developers, lenders and constructors, and provides expertise in solar energy engineering and technical advisory services. We help clients meet challenges in planning and executing high-performance solar energy projects.

Solar PV plants are delivering some of the world’s cheapest power quickly and effectively to established and emerging economies. Floating solar PV plants delivering power and reducing evaporative losses. Solar power combined with battery systems delivering dependable power at utility scale. Façade and rooftop solar panels installed on public buildings. Renewable energy support mechanisms and sustainability policies adopted by governments and private sector investment. Solar technology that allows the production of electricity, irrespective of overcast skies or nightfall. As solar technological innovation evolves at unimaginable speeds, it is undeniably continuing to disrupt conventional thinking with respect to energy planning.

Supporting developers, financiers, contractors, governments and offtakers alike

WSP offers expertise in solar energy engineering design, technical advisory and project delivery services to support manufacturers, developers, contractors, utility companies, owners, investors / lenders and governments in meeting the challenges faced in planning and executing solar projects. These can include accurately assessing energy yield, and developing electrical, civil / structural and control system engineering design and specifications, all the way through to performing strategic investigations on solar energy investments, preparing and reviewing power purchase agreements (PPAs), managing tendering process, managing and monitoring construction and commissioning of solar power plants, as well as monitoring performance and maintenance during the operational phase, and more.