Climate foresight and planning

We help you see the future more clearly – and prepare for what it will bring – using a range of techniques to explore how megatrends will affect your organisation.

Climate change has brought a new uncertainty to business. How might extremely hot summers becoming normal affect your organisation? How would you cope with multiple and interacting risks – such as high temperatures causing blackouts or flooding knocking out utilities, transport or communications? How might your supply chains be affected?

With more organisations seeking to explore what the world might be like as far as 50 years ahead, we use our understanding of megatrends to determine how future UK and global challenges will affect their strategies and financial planning. We do this using:

  • Horizon scanning to investigate evidence about future trends.
  • Facilitated scenario planning to weave environmental, social, political, financial and technological drivers of change into coherent narratives around what the future might look like.
  • Scenario modelling, monitoring and strategy stress testing to assess potential impact.

Our expertise in qualitative horizon scanning enables you to develop the actions and plans you need to increase resilience and reduce risk by identifying and analysing uncertainties.

Understanding megatrends is only half the story; it’s just as important for us to understand your business. We design, develop and facilitate participatory processes, such as workshops and stakeholder engagement events, to elicit unique insights into what different climate- and weather-related trends mean for you.

Armed with a clearer picture of the future, we identify strategies for managing uncertainty and create plans based on the concepts of adaptive management and adaptation pathways. Developing adaptation pathways for your organisation enables us to show the relative benefits of incremental improvements to resilience compared to large, upfront change. The pathways build flexibility into the decision-making process for senior leaders and policymakers – empowering them to tackle climate resilience head on with a range of cost options.