Climate risk and adaptation

We help you identify the risks climate change poses to your organisation and develop adaptation measures to secure a resilient and prosperous future.

Risks from climate change and extreme weather are increasing, affecting different organisations in different ways.

Which climate risks are most relevant to your assets, networks or systems? How might they change over time? How can you best adapt? When should you take action?

By answering these fundamental questions, we equip you with the tools you need to be resilient. We:

  • Identify climate- and weather-related hazards.
  • Produce climate change vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Show how risks are linked and may change over time.
  • Identify actionable adaptation measures.
  • Devise cost-effective ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ solutions.
  • Develop strategies and action plans for implementation.

Assessing risk

As well as considering climate risks in isolation – such as rising temperatures or more frequent and severe storms – we identify how risks may be linked and have cascading impacts and interdependencies. We use weather generators to understand how extremes of weather may change for different areas and assets.

Participatory processes such as workshops enable us to explore how climate- and weather-related risks have already affected your operations, strategy and financial planning, as well as how climate change could affect your organisation in the future.

Planning adaptation measures

How do we identify the most suitable adaptation measures for your organisation? Armed with a thorough understanding of the risks your organisation faces, we develop practical, actionable measures to help you adapt. Working alongside scientists, engineers and economists, we explore and test different design options and actions – weighing costs against benefits.

We combine evidence of the nature of the risk and its impact with our experience of implementing effective control measures and of gauging acceptable risk in the face of uncertainty. The solutions we offer typically blend ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ adaptation measures, including:

  • Engineered solutions.
  • Improvements to processes and standards.
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills or capacity.
  • Precautionary investment now to avoid future risk.
  • Flexible and smart design, including adaptive management.

The evidenced ‘do nothing’ scenarios we produce enable you to clearly see the possible alternatives to taking action, as well as the impact.

Developing adaptation pathways for your organisation enables us to show the relative benefits of incremental improvements compared to large, upfront change. The pathways build flexibility into the decision-making process for senior leaders and policymakers.

Monitoring and evaluation

By drawing on our expertise to constantly evaluate and improve clients’ adaptation strategies – as risks evolve or an organisation undergoes change, for example – we enable them to ensure they remain resilient.

Supporting clients through the whole process, from assessing risks to implementing adaptation measures, requires wide-ranging expertise. In addition to climate-resilience experts, our team includes specialists in policy, organisational management and sustainability consulting. Together, we can help you adapt to whatever the future climate brings.