WSP’s team of economists guide public and private infrastructure owners, planners, regulators and policy makers through the investment decision-making process from both financial and economic perspectives.

Our team includes EHS management and compliance, and due diligence specialists who are board certified, licensed and highly qualified to meet the complex and evolving needs of clients, whether large or small. Working in partnership with our clients, we strive to understand their strategic goals, operational targets and opportunities and compliance responsibilities.

Our input enables clients to be more competitive and to feel more secure in the knowledge that they have optimised risk management, enhanced their brand and improved the potential to exploit all opportunities. 

From compliance to culture change

The breadth of our expertise enables us to take a holistic approach across client businesses to provide integrated solutions. We help clients ascertain whether their obligations are being met, develop and audit health, safety and environment (HSE) management systems and address all other issues. Our advice spans:

  • Corporate audits and risk management
  • Environmental strategies
  • Management systems and compliance
  • Permitting
  • Due diligence
  • Health and safety Investigations, compliance and programmes
  • Hazardous materials
  • Product stewardship
  • Supply chain management
  • Training to build internal expertise

Our work delivers proven results, including improved environmental, safety and risk performance, increased staff productivity and engagement and enhanced competitive advantage through responding to environmental and sustainability opportunities. We support many renowned blue chip companies ranging from international banks and funds through to heavy industry and property. Wherever appropriate, our social, sustainability, climate change, emissions control and energy experts also form part of our project teams.

Local expertise with global reach

Our dedicated UK experts can call on the knowledge of WSP specialists located around the world and to support client operations wherever they may be.

Our UK team understands the detailed requirements of EHS legislation and can support with specialist support in all areas from Environmental and Safety Industrial Facility Permitting, product stewardship areas such as REACH, to environmental regulatory areas covering waste, water or carbon management. On top of this we offer training to build internal expertise and advice on specialist fields such as management systems, auditing competence and hazardous materials handling.  

We deliver detailed EHS audit programmes, develop management systems in line with standards such as ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 and undertake assessments of behalf of banks, investors and international financial institutions to assess the environmental, safety and social requirements of their investments, in particular for international projects and against investment guidelines such as World Bank Safeguard Standards, IFC and EBRD standards.

We are IEMA registered training providers.

For help in achieving your EHS objectives or to manage your impacts on society and the environment, please contact a member of our EHS Management and Compliance team.