We create interactive experiences to engage stakeholders and quickly communicate complex ideas.



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We are an experienced team of modellers and software developers who provide powerful, immersive 3D visualisations across screen, mobile and virtual reality.

We take pride in our innovation and creativity, helping you to visualise your designs and assets in real and historical time. We have found that presenting information a virtual environment dramatically reduces learning time, improves clarity and encourages a deeper understanding of your designs and ideas.

Look at our work, including interactive examples, on xr.wsp.com.

Design management and co-creation

Keep control of your design by linking your data-rich 3D information models with a virtual reality container. Interact and explore design options with an intuitive user interface. Stakeholders can interact in real time with the virtual environment, streamlining project change.

Communicate complex data

Present detailed asset and performance information from your models, bringing clarity to the approval process. Allow stakeholders to visualise complex information, simplifying the decision process.

Stakeholder engagement

Create an immersive experience for private and public stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment for engagement.

Immersive technologies empower your stakeholders to fully engage and provide valuable feedback alongside your designers.


Train employees and operatives with “learning by doing” in an environment that reacts to their decisions without project risk. Our immersive experiences rapidly improve users’ understanding of health & safety and operations & maintenance.