WSP’s land services team specialises in land referencing, consultation and stakeholder engagement, GIS, 3D Visualisation, topographical survey and property services including valuations, acquisitions and disposals.


Land  referencing is the process of researching and identifying persons and organisations that have a legal interest in land or property as well as details of the nature of that interest. Typically, this process is used to create the necessary legal documentation to support a development consent order (DCO), compulsory purchase order (CPO), transport and works act order (TWAO), vesting order (VO) or hybrid bill. Our land referencing team is the largest provider of these services in the UK.

Working closely with our environment and consents experts, we’re able to provide clients with a complete, professional service, managing large quantities of data and land information for projects at all stages, from inception to implementation.

We are currently involved in providing land referencing services for High Speed 2, Thames Tideway Tunnel, Crossrail 2, Heathrow Airport Expansion, A5 Western Transport Corridor, A9 Dualling and many other major infrastructure projects.

Our consultation and stakeholder engagement experts support clients through all stages of public consultation and objection management. By developing and delivering clear stakeholder engagement plans, our experts facilitate clear communication between relevant parties ensuring that community concerns are addressed satisfactorily at all levels.

Our property services team gives valuable support to clients by providing land cost estimates and valuations, and negotiating with land owners and agents throughout the process of acquisition by agreement or CPO. Additional services include rents and renewals, easements and Wayleave agreements. 

Topographical survey is an essential precursor to the design phase of projects. Our teams throughout the UK deliver topographical, monitoring, volumetric and laser scanning surveys. Using state-of-the-art equipment such as GPS, scanners and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/drone), they pride themselves on producing highly accurate models that designers and modellers can depend upon.

Our land services geographic information systems (GIS) team are experts in large volume spatial data management and analysis. Using industry leading software they have developed data management solutions to meet the needs of our public and private sector clients. Large-scale infrastructure projects often require the involvement of a number of different teams and disciplines in multiple locations. Our clients find that using enterprise GIS and effective spatial data management as the central hub through which information can flow and be accessed can improve the efficiency and success of a project.

Surveyors can work faster on site with the help of our GIS specialists, who also develop mobile data collection applications for site-based data capture – using GPS location information improves the accuracy of their data. Web GIS provides a highly scalable framework for publishing spatial data to meet the needs of corporate intranets and the internet. Our web GIS services have allowed our clients and teams to publish, discover and share geospatial information. This helps make significant savings in decision-making and time and travel costs whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Pre-visualisation can play a critical role during the life of a project. Land Services’ 3D Visualisation team produces stunning, high quality 3D visualisation material for design analysis, client liaison and public consultation events. Our experienced team constructs accurate 3D models using 3D Studio Max, from CAD designs, plans, sketches or photos. These models can be textured to reflect the material finish of completed structures. We produce basic 3D fly-through animations that are ideal for design evaluations to highly detailed final design animations that are more suited to consultation and promotional events.