WSP offers diverse water treatment services, from groundwater flow modelling to heap leach monitoring, to ensure minewater meets regulatory standards.


WSP serves the mining industry with practical water management, environmental, exploration and production consulting solutions. Most of our surface, underground and solution mining projects worldwide have been routine services. However, when conditions require or would benefit from more innovative strategies, our experts and technology resources deliver solutions that make everything work better.

WSP assists mining companies in implementing innovative workflows to improve operational performance through better understanding of subsurface conditions and implementation of practical solutions. Our highly experienced professional teams have provided surface water, groundwater, geochemistry and water engineering consulting services and have developed fit- for-purpose solutions focused on mine water management and subsurface characterisation.

We have developed a reputation for technical excellence, knowledge of our customers' needs and a practical, results-oriented approach. Our history of innovation and track record of process enhancements can be the needed step change for improving overall mine profitability.

Our water management services include:

  • Minewater management: We effectively manage water quantity, quality and timing, while controlling adverse hydrological impacts.
  • Minewater feasibility studies: We assess mine water operations by integrating hydrogeological options with the needs of infrastructure, site layout, regulations and mineral economics.
  • Minewater permitting and compliance: We deliver guideline requirements for prompt approval by using permitting and engineering services that satisfy local, national and international guidelines.
  • Groundwater flow and transport simulation: We provide robust predictions of future groundwater conditions using the ideal combination of current public modelling codes and our proprietary internal flow codes.
  • Mine subsurface characterisation: We deliver accurate and timely in situ analysis for safe and cost-effective mine operations using our subsurface characterisation technology.
  • Dewatering: We improve operating efficiency, reduce risks and reduce costs by drawing on our dewatering expertise, downhole technology and mine water management programmes.
  • Pit slope depressurisation: We improve pit slope performance by relying on a clear and integrated understanding of engineering geology, groundwater and mine design.
  • Mine pumping services: We deliver an effective, full-scale dewatering design and discharge system to extend the life of dewatering systems.
  • Solution and in situ mining: We quantify mining performance through subsurface characterisation and monitoring.
  • Environmental information management: We help you make well-informed decisions with our groundwater and borehole information management software.
  • Heap leach monitoring: We help you take advantage of understanding the inner workings of your heap leach pad by using a combination of advanced technologies.
  • Geochemical and waste rock assessment: We support you in meeting strict water quality standards by leveraging our regulatory advisory experience, as well as our extensive experience from pre-feasibility to closure.
  • Tailings management: We manage tailing facilities responsibly, from site selection to closure.
  • Mine site closure and remediation: We bring advanced solutions to fruition, from the conceptual closure plan to long-term monitoring.