It is within our cities and infrastructure where we can be most influential on our collective sustainable future. More than 70% of the world’s carbon emissions emanate from cities, they raise 80% of GDP and by 2050 three-quarters of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Startlingly, more than half of the urban land cover on the planet predicted by 2030 has yet to be built.

Urban land area will double by 2030, creating sustainable developments, infrastructure and companies is the greatest challenge of our time.

We’re at the forefront of corporate strategy, urban and infrastructure design, management and analytics. We develop sustainable solutions for businesses, new and existing projects at all scales, and optimise co-benefits from well thought-out, Future Ready solutions. Our sustainability leaders work alongside planning and design advisors, analysts and technical specialists to provide intelligence that helps public and private developers, authorities and institutions deliver exemplar outcomes in all sectors. 

Sustainable management and urban growth

As the world continues to urbanise, it’s the successful and sustainable management of urban growth that underpins our development. 

Many challenges will be faced along the way to satisfy the needs of housing, transportation and mobility, energy, while enhancing quality of life, green space and natural capital. Minimising our impact on natural resources, including water, and adopting circular economy thinking is integrated in this. 

Whether it’s corporate strategy, sustainable design management, a low carbon energy solution, climate resilience, adaptation or financial services, a health and wellbeing assessment, social value or productivity analysis – our experts are on hand to manage risks, implement opportunities and to overcome challenges. 

Investing in climate resilience will reduce maintenance and repair costs, improve the value of assets and drive new investments. We help our clients understand the risks that climate change will bring and promote action.