Urbanisation. Population growth. Climate change. Technological advancements. Energy challenges. These global megatrends are some of the most salient issues impacting governments and businesses today.  



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Shaping strategy, implementing solutions, and measuring and reporting

WSP works with clients to shape an environmental or sustainability vision and strategy that will give clear market stand-out and address the areas of greatest impact to realise positive bottom-line results. We also provide clear advice and action for day-to-day issues, with the breadth of expertise to tackle all areas across climate change and sustainability. Our expertise spans:

Sustainable Urban Master Planning
Green Building Design
Low-Carbon Development Design
National, Regional and Corporate Sustainability Strategies
Sustainable City Analytics
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies
Energy Strategies (EU Energy Efficiency Directive & Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)
Health and Wellbeing
Regulatory Compliance
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Product Stewardship
Supply Chain Management
Life Cycle Analysis and Footprinting
Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)
Energy, Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
Waste and Water Resource Efficiency
Report Assurance
GHG Reporting and the Carbon Disclosure Project

WSP has worked around the world with clients from diverse industries. We developed the climate plan for the City of Johannesburg, as well as a sustainability strategy for the Stockholm Royal Seaport development. We helped one of Germany's main power companies to understand the impact on different types of generation, and undertook the industry's first study of the environmental impacts of cloud computing for Microsoft. We also provided engineering expertise for 1 Shelley Street in Sydney - a six-star Green Star office building, and we are working with the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board on future-proofing existing buildings, such as Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. And, we developed an energy-efficient mobility plan for downtown Zarqa in Jordan.

WSP has the expertise to help business decision makers, government agencies and technology solution providers take the next steps. Contact us to see how we can help.