London Bridge, a new beginning

London Bridge station has been completely rebuilt, transforming central London’s oldest station into a station fit for the twentyfirst century by making it modern, spacious and fully accessible. This has all been achieved while keeping London’s fourth busiest station open for the 50 million passengers that use the station each year and will help the Thameslink Programme deliver a metro style service of 24 trains per hour through central London from 2019.

London Bridge Case Study

London Bridge station has been completely rebuilt, find out how

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Case Study with Arcadis

How we worked with Arcadis to deliver one of London’s busiest stations

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Blog from Adrian Tooth

Delivering London Bridge station – the design team perspective

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Royal Opening

London Bridge Station reopened on 9th May by The Duke of Cambridge after five year rail and building programme

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Blog from Mandy Thomas

London Bridge Station: Preparing for handover

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Blog from David Carter

Untangling the lines through London Bridge Station – A technical director’s perspective

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London Bridge Station timeline

Learn more about the evolution of London Bridge station from its first construction in 1836 to 2018

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London Bridge Regeneration