Envisioning the Road to Recovery for Public Transport

Planning a Better Future for Cities, Towns and Communities

by David McAlister, Global Director of Transport & Infrastructure 

Due to Covid-19, the public transport sector has recently been faced with steep ridership declines and major health and safety considerations. This pandemic has forced transit agencies, local governments and related stakeholders to urgently rethink how to address mobility needs in our cities. Far-reaching challenges lie ahead, but opportunity exists for public transport to evolve and once again connect people to each other and destinations both in and beyond their communities. 

Ridership will resume when the traveling public feels safe and regains peace of mind. As cities adapt in this transitional period, they can become better prepared to deal with sudden future events. Today’s decisions can also advance the development of integrated, efficient and accessible public transport systems. 

The following article offers global strategic insight from WSP’s advisors and technical experts to support the public transport sector as it manages the current pandemic environment and gets ready for a busy future. 

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