Going Small - The Transition to Urban Micromobility

In view of the rapid rise of micromobility in urban areas worldwide, WSP is looking at models and interrelationships related to this new phenomenon and making recommendations to advance its successful integration into cities and places.

Going Small - The Transition to Urban Micromobility

Transit in cities is experiencing a shift toward shared mobility: ride hailing, carpooling, short-term car lease and small single-person flexible modes of transport i.e. mopeds, bicycles and scooters, electric or manual, docked or dockless. All have experienced a rapid rise in urban areas worldwide.

This white paper looks at models and interrelationships between micromobility operators, users and cities where they are located. It also provides key insights that could be applied to operations for their success.

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Global Young Advisory Network

George Buxton
Principal Engineer
United Kingdom
Hamza Harrami
Property Development
Nikos Papakatsikas
Todd Nguyen
Environmental Planner
Nick Roberts
Shifani Sood
Senior Transportation Planner
New Zealand

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