This article was written in collaboration with WSP Director of Technical Risk Johan Lundin. It was first presented as a part of the 8th edition of the International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS) in Borås, Sweden. 


ADR 2013 contains provisions concerning restrictions on the passage of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in road tunnels. The rules allow routing control for the transport of dangerous goods through tunnels, i.e. either granted passage through the tunnel or refer to an alternative route. Routing control is based on each tunnel is assigned to tunnel category A-E, which to varying degrees regulate the types of goods to be allowed to go through the tunnel in order to avoid accidents with major consequences for human or tunnel construction. In this paper a comprehensive approach for categorizing road tunnels according to ADR 2013 is presented as a three step method. The first is a logical decision model which, when followed should lead to well-founded basis for decisions regarding the appropriate categorization. The second is a simplified risk analysis method that can be used in the risk-based categorization of existing and new tunnels. Finally, expert assessment as a method for risk-based categorization is introduced as a third step.

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