Rail and the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ensuring competitiveness in rail during the pandemic and post COVID-19  - A global outlook

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially affected passenger rail with a large decrease in traffic, and will also have long-term effects.

Once the pandemic is over, we can expect continued changes in travel and routines, and new technology will be used. Design of both trains and services will look different. The global nature of the pandemic makes a global outlook highly relevant. Learning from others will be crucial to strengthen rail traffic today and in the future.

This white paper intends to inspire development by learning from others. However, the implementation of recommendations in other regions will depend on contextual requirements and needs. 

This report focuses on rail passenger traffic, including both long-distance passenger rail as well as metro, tram and light rail.

The white paper is produced by WSP Sweden Rail Advisory. Investigative research has been carried out in cooperation with WSP India. WSP Rail Advisory strive to strengthen the competitiveness of the rail sector, and this white paper is a contribution in this quest.


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