Eminent, Malmö

Eminent is a new office building in the Hyllie district of Malmö, one of the most sustainable neighbourhoods of Sweden. Due for completion at the end of 2018, the building will comprise more than 9,600 m2 of lettable space.

The First Building in the Nordics to Seek WELL Certification

It is the first building in the Nordic countries to register for WELL Building Standard Certification, and we were commissioned to coordinate the certification process, assisting the design team in integrating principles of the WELL Building Standard right from the outset, at concept design stage. From coordinating eco-charrettes and creating the certification plan, to quality control, we have been ensuring a thorough process that will be in line with WELL Gold level requirements. 

Our key challenge has been to understand how to implement WELL principles in a Scandinavian context while respecting local regulations and achieving the high level of sustainability required by the Swedish environmental standard, Miljöbyggnad. We have been also assisting in the design of the core and shell to ensure tenants can apply the WELL principles in their own fit-out.


Many features have been integrated in the building to respond to the nutrition, fitness and wellbeing concepts evaluated by the certification. The restaurants and cafes will offer a healthy variety of food; occupants will be able to participate in gardening activities; while additional group activities such as yoga classes on the roof and running in the park will also be organised. A bicycle garage with storage, repair facilities and showers, has been designed to encourage people to cycle to work. 

Eminent is designed around flexibility so that tenants can rent an individual space or several office floors and there are co-working facilities on the ground floor, available for autonomous workers who share office space, kitchenette, technology facilities and meeting rooms. Staircases were designed to serve as an informal meeting place, as well as encourage physical activity in the workplace, so together with the project team, we integrated art and biophilia in the staircase design to encourage occupants to use them. The building mechanical systems ensure a high quality indoor environment including thermal comfort, air quality and access to natural light. 

WSP was also the sustainability consultant during the conceptual and schematic design on the project helping the building achieve the Swedish environmental standard Miljöbyggnad at Gold level.