From conception to completion, bridge projects must successfully navigate a long road that is inevitably filled with obstacles. While the best laid plans provide a vision for optimal results, challenges associated with design issues, financing, and the seamless coordination of multiple teams can be complex.

Representing the interests of owners/operators, a third-party Owner’s Engineer can fill gaps in resources by providing all of the necessary expertise required for the successful completion of the bridge project. An Owner’s Engineer is essentially a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that a project adheres to its specifications, from its business plan, to lender requirements and design objectives.

Design-Build and Public-Private Partnerships

WSP’s Owner’s Engineer services provide clients with a direct path to desired results through the application of strategic business planning principles and value engineering. With experience in both Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, our teams deliver financeable projects that balance the aims of all stakeholders by establishing realistic budgets, controlling costs, and keeping a project on schedule.

WSP in Action

Our experience encompasses the planning and design of a wide range of bridge types, including complex structures such as segmental box girders, post-tensioned spliced precast concrete girders, cable stayed, and arch bridges. WSP is currently providing Owner’s Engineer services on the Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge project in the City of Toronto, comprised of two iconic high arch structures that span two existing rail corridors in the downtown core. The project’s innovative design, which will connect surrounding communities with historic Fort York/Garrison Common, will result in North America’s first fully stainless steel bridge. The services applied on this project include project management, structural engineering, electrical engineering, bridge architecture, and landscape architecture.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

WSP’s expertise extends to the inspection, planning, design, construction, and rehabilitation of bridges, culverts, and retaining walls. Depending on our client’s needs, our Owner’s Engineer team can assist in the management of environmental assessments, public consultations, government agency and stakeholder coordination, procurement, technical reviews, environmental compliance, operational analysis, and oversight of multiple consultant and constrction contracts.

Our value-added expertise includes 3D modelling and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), which facilitates the decision-making process before and during construction and improves communications with all stakeholders, including local communities. The application of innovative technologies enables all stakeholders to visualize the future bridge and to embrace the proposed concept.

Some of our client side roles include:

  • Integrated delivery teams – Manchester Metrolink

  • Staff  Secondment

  • Design reviews for clients

  • Maintenance framework engineers

  • Strategic advice - technical assurance review

  • Design Manual for Roads & Bridges or standard reviews

  • Construction supervision

  • Contract administration

  • Project Health and Safety Advisor