WSP’s global team of experts are helping the adoption of electric vehicles in public and private fleets across the globe.


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Our experts are using innovative technology and design solutions to make the complex problem of reducing fleet emissions into an achievable strategy.

Cities around the world are being crippled with record levels of smog and congestion from fossil fuel-based transportation modes. WSP is working with policy makers, fleet operators, and various levels of government to achieve adoption of zero-emission vehicles and public transit bus fleets. 

We specialize in solving complex problems such as reducing a city’s or region’s smog through the adoption of emerging electric propulsion technology. Our areas of practice include:

Electric Vehicles

  • Electric Vehicle Policy
  • Charging Infrastructure Design and Policy
  • Electric Vehicle Market Scan
  • Electric Vehicle Lifecycle Cost
  • Electric Buses

 Electric Buses

  • Electric Market Scan
  • Charging Analysis (End-point and On-route)
  • Electric Route Simulation and Optimization
  • Electric vs. Diesel vs. CNG (Total cost of ownership)
  • Environmental Impact Analysis 
  • Bus Maintenance Facility Design - Electric Vehicles
  • Standard Operating Procedures - Electric Vehicles
  • Operations and Maintenance Analysis
  • Training and GAP Analysis
  • Vehicle Technical Specification – Electric
  • Electric Bus Pilot Monitoring and Development
  • Electric Bus Feasibility studies
Electric Vehicles


  • Electric bus lifecycle cost analysis using BOLT
  • Electric bus performance and transit route modelling