Project and program controls are the cornerstone of a well-organized and efficient plan. WSP has developed a dynamic, flexible, and robust system to help ensure that the overall project and program scope is monitored and executed according to cost and schedule requirements, quality and safety standards, and regulatory requirements. 

Our team understands that project scope, cost, and schedule are interrelated and must be managed concurrently. We do so by creating, implementing, and managing effective, quantitative project metrics.

Our project and program controls services take on the critical function of tracking and reporting on project and overall program performance, establishing the data collection processes and baselines against which project performance is measured. We also perform the quantitative data analysis and provide insightful recommendations that facilitate informed and proactive decision-making needed to meet project and program objectives.

Our clients rely on us to support and facilitate the successful execution of their projects. We have developed powerful, configurable software systems that easily integrate with industry-standard software tools to better help you achieve your goals.

A Robust Project Management Information System Tailored to Client Needs

Our Project Management Information System (PMIS) is a dashboard application that integrates business information and key performance indicators (KPIs) in a centralized information package. This assists the project management team in monitoring and managing project activities to control safety, quality, costs, schedule, risk, general documents management, and other key functions. Our PMIS applications are an integrated suite of project control software tools that typically have to be managed independently. When used in conjunction with established business processes, they help to provide effective project management, as well as improving service, increasing revenue, and reducing costs. PMIS is fully customizable based on individual projects and specific client requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Reduction

    • Savings on the Licensing of Applications for all Users
    • Reduced Analytical Labour Costs in Producing Project Reports
    •  Reduced Costs Through Standardization
  • Efficiency

    • Customization of User Interface, which Pulls Data from Numerous Applications
    • Data Consistency Delivering a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)
    • Easy Query Generation
    • Intuitive Integration, with Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Accessibility

    • Our Web-Based Application is Accessible from Anywhere, at Any Time
    • Ease Of Access to Multiple, Disparate Applications
    • Single-Source Access to all Relevant Project Data


WSP in Action

WSP served as Strategic Program Manager for the Qatar Rail Development Program (QRDP), ensuring that a fully integrated rail network will meet the transportation and economic needs of the state of Qatar.

The QRDP consists of Doha Metro, Lusail LRT, and a long distance passenger and freight line. Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in 2019. Our team supported The Qatar Rail Company with the initial establishment of the QRDP, including the development of procurement & commercial strategies, program planning, program governance, technical standards, and business management systems. The formation and management of the Program Management Office (PMO) was successfully implemented during our tenure, culminating in a knowledge transfer program to Qatar Rail’s own personnel.

Quebec City's long-awaited multi-purpose amphitheatre, known as the Videotron Centre, was inaugurated in September 2015. This capped off the sustained efforts of WSP, which served as project manager throughout the process. Our team was commissioned to manage the project, direct and supervise the professional and engineering teams, and oversee the construction manager. We put in place all the necessary project management procedures, managed the costs and budget monitoring systems, oversaw commissioning and LEED accreditation, monitored risks and opportunities, and managed project changes and documentation. In addition, we were in charge of the technical audit of all documentation developed by the master professionals at all stages of the project for all disciplines involved.