Quality management is essential to the success of any project. WSP has a distinguished track record in quality control services and provides an impressive suite of technical expertise and support to clients around the world.

WSP develops and implements proven processes and management systems. We tailor best practices in order to execute some of the world’s most complex projects. By instituting a higher level of quality assurance, these systems are integrated on our projects by our teams in all of our offices globally and on project sites to ensure all stakeholders have effective management systems in place.

Our quality assurance expertise includes industry regulation and compliance, risk identification and mitigation, as well as Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) programs, processes, and training. This practice also yields corporate strategies, insightful analysis for performance improvement, quality training programs to support business needs, and audits to verify compliance.

Our approach encompasses all the requirements and plans needed to complete a project safely, on schedule, and within budget. It provides clients and stakeholders with a high level of confidence in the fact that their projects are carried out within a tightly controlled and robust framework.

Quality Management ensures we coordinate activities that direct and control processes related to Quality Planning, Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Improvement.  

Services for the entire project lifecycle

We provide a range of activities to cover the entire project lifecycle, including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Contractor due diligence assessments
  • Full quality assurance auditing
  • Inspection and test witnessing
  • Status verification and expediting
  • Review and advice of special processes such as welding and non-destructive examination

Key sectors

We offer an array of quality services, from project quality management to mining excavators and stackers to fabrication and production processes:


  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Tunnels
  • Marine shipping terminals
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Power plants

Power Generation

  • Fossil fuel: coal, oil, gas (combined/open cycle)
  • Nuclear: new build, refurbishment, decommissioning
  • Renewable: hydro, wind (onshore, offshore)

Transmission and Distribution

  • Electricity: substations, switchgear, transformers and reactors, control and protection, cables, overhead lines (HVAC/HVDC), subsea interconnectors including HVDC
  • Oil and Gas: pumping stations, compressor stations, subsea umbilical, pipelines, offshore topside equipment


  • Rolling stock: bogies, locomotives, works, wagons
  • Infrastructure: platforms, ventilation, travellators
  • Systems: control, signalling, telecoms