Owners and operators of roads and highways are being pressed to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for their infrastructure challenges. Financial realities have shifted the focus from hefty investments in entirely new infrastructures, to value-for- money projects aimed at optimizing the usage of existing assets.

WSP’s Asset Management teams provide high level strategic advisory services to clients involved in managing, maintaining, and operating transport networks. Our experienced teams collect, interpret, and assess data in order to develop long-term maintenance programs for road assets, applying state-of- the-art technology and innovative analysis to the investigation of structural deterioration.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

With experience in the maintenance, management and operation of roads, our teams deliversustainable business case improvements and design solutions for extending the life and improving the performance of existing transport infrastructures. Our expertise in design, maintenance, strategic planning, asset engineering and data and systems analysis helps our clients to maximize the value of their asset portfolios. WSP is also a proud member of several industry best practices groups, including HTMA, RCMG, ISO 55000, and PAS 55.

Some additional services offered by WSP’s Asset Management teams include:

  • Preparation of Asset Management Plans
  • Option Appraisal and Whole Life Costing
  • Investment Planning
  • Planning and Implementation of Reactive Repairs to Road Network Incidents
Helping the UK Government to Improve Highway Asset Management

Providing operational technology asset management maturity and development strategy to help Highways England manage their assets.

Engineering Management Practices

In the United Kingdom, WSP won the contract to assess the asset management maturity of Highways England’s Operational Technology Division. Through our customized stakeholder management approach and the delivery of focussed workshops, we were able to quickly enfranchise a broad range of client stakeholders, enabling the quick buy-in to asset management principles. Having gained this level of trust and adopting a sensitive approach to the enquiry process, we undertook an extensive review of existing business practices. The areas reviewed included governance, policy, leadership and commitment, risk, investment planning, competency management, decision-making capability around asset whole life, a broad range of engineering management practices, and information management.