Making Safety Personal

Valuing our people, our greatest asset, means that good health and safety practices are woven into the fabric of our culture.

Our leaders foster a positive safety culture by empowering and collaborating with all our employees, challenging the status quo such that we reduce risk in the activities we undertake.
Andy Shannon Global Head of Health, Safety & Security

Our Approach

“Making Safety Personal” means that each of us is accountable for promoting a safe and healthy workplace for ourselves and others potentially affected by our activities. It also means that the leadership team of each of our regions must minimize risks and ensure that their business and people comply with our health and safety requirements.

Our Global Health and Safety Policy, our Expectations for Health and Safety Management and our 2018-2020 Roadmap provide the framework of our management approach for health and safety, supporting our Zero Harm Vision.


Zero Harm Vision

Our Zero Harm Vision is a commitment shared by all businesses and employees to consider and effectively reduce risks from our activities by seeking innovative solutions, enabling us to get home safely at the end of each day. Through our Zero Harm Pillars, our goal is to ensure that our activities result in:

Zero fatalities
Zero permanently disabling injuries
Zero injuries to members of the public
Zero long-term harm to health

Zero Harm Pillars



Inspiring employees to commit to Zero Harm.



Providing efficient systems and processes.



Challenging the status quo in our work.



Engaging people to Make Safety Personal.



Sharing and adapting successful practices.



Identifying improvements and successes.

View detailed activities to support the pillars in the 2018-2020 Roadmap.

Our Performance

We achieved our year-end aims for 2018, including our annual target of maximum 0.1 Lost Time Injury Rate (per 100,000 hours worked), as well as progress on our Roadmap activities.

One of the ways we are improving our performance is through increased event reporting. We have seen an increase of approximately 20% in reporting year-on-year across all event types since 2015, and this enables us to better understand the hazards and risks we come across daily in our business and take action where required.


WSP’s event reporting is managed through our integrated Safety Management System (iSMS). This ensures reporting is accurate and consistent, and enables us to measure progress towards Zero Major Incidents. Any one of our employees, as well as contractors, partners or any professional involved in our projects can report from their desk using the public form, or in the field with the reporting App. iSMS is available to be used on all client projects.