At the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 in Barcelona 19-21 November, WSP’s Matthew Marson, Head of Smart Places from our UK business was invited by the event organisers to moderate at a discussion on the ecosystem of a SMART city and how smart building technology can push cities closer to their goal of becoming a truly SMART CITY.

Driving the SMART initiative in Asia, Alan Lau, Office Manager, Shanghai, China also joined other international thought Leaders at the Expo. The Congress aims to encourage all stakeholders including technology providers through to policy-makers and entrepreneurs, to engage in dynamic action to enable a sustainable and inclusive future to take hold.

“The interest in SMART solutions and its countless applications in buildings, transportation, mobility or even at a city, regional or national level is only limited by one's imagination and willingness to be innovative, “says Alan.  “At WSP we are committed to bringing future ready and SMART solutions to our clients to create future better cities worldwide.”