We Stand With You

At WSP, we are committed to helping communities, our clients and partners prepare for a rapidly evolving future. We are focused on supporting societies curb the spread of COVID-19, maintain business continuity, and safeguard the health and safety of our communities, employees and partners. 

Keeping everyone safe is our utmost priority. This pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges in modern times. From health implications to associated impacts to communities, businesses and economies, our resilience is being tested on many fronts. 

Our priority is your safety and wellbeing. This commitment to you remains unchanged. These are difficult times for all of us and we must continue to remain vigilant. It is important that we adhere to all precautionary measures and advice from our company and the respective local health authorities.
Ivy Kong CEO for WSP in Asia

How are we supporting our communities, clients and partners?

Even in the toughest of times, no matter the distance, our commitment to helping our communities, clients and partners thrive remains unchanged. Drawing on our vast experience, combined with our in-depth local knowledge and technical capabilities with deep sector expertise, we are ready to help you prepare, respond and recover. 

Our resilience and business continuity plans are in place to ensure that any impact of COVID-19 across our operations is addressed and mitigated to the greatest extent possible. Our key offices in the region remain operational with work continuing in the office or remotely. We also have in place the best possible tools and processes to ensure quality project delivery and meet the needs of our clients. 

Across Asia, our teams have been mobilised to respond to this fast-evolving crisis. In Hong Kong for example, our experts are providing a range of services – design and fit-out works for a mask production facility; civil, structural and building services design for temporary quarantine facilities; and sharing expert advice at a recent technical webinar covering solutions to combat the spread of infectious diseases. 

Transforming a former warehouse into a mask production facility

Located in Tsuen Wan, the 540 sq.m former warehouse floor in Wo Foo Building has since been transformed into a mask production facility. Designed and outfitted within two months, the facility features a cleanroom built to Class 100K standard. 

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Three Temporary Quarantine Facilities (TQF) assembled using Modular Integration Construction (MiC) method

Sited in various locations across Hong Kong, three temporary quarantine facilities were assembled in two months using the Modular Integration Construction (MiC) method. These facilities can house up to 459 units any one time for isolation purposes. 

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Ir. Colin Chung at HKIE-BSD webinar on Building Services Design & installation against COVID-19

Ir. Colin Chung, Managing Director for Property & Buildings in Hong Kong, was invited as a technical expert to share insights on the latest MVAC design and application to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases onboard cruise vessels and aircrafts. 

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Hong Kong Engineers Transform Shipping Container Into High-Tech Isolation Room

As Hong Kong prepared for the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic, a group of eminent local engineers developed a potential solution for rapidly increasing isolation ward capacity. Two WSP engineers were part of that team worked in their free time on a design to transform a 20-foot container into an isolation unit.

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What are we doing for our employees?

The health and safety of our colleagues, friends and families are paramount. Across our region, we are following the latest advice from various health authorities and governments, as well as liaising with our WSP colleagues worldwide. Our crisis management team meets weekly to monitor developments and to plan and prepare for situations at they evolve. 

Every office in Asia remains connected to one another through our robust communication infrastructure. From face-to-face meetings via Skype and Teams to an exchange of videos and pictures of how our employees are coping with flexible work arrangements, our employees are keeping spirits lifted during this time. 

Making masks available for colleagues in the Asia regional offices

With a global shortage of masks, all our offices in Asia have worked hard to secure important supplies such as masks and hand sanitisers to meet the needs of our colleagues as they go about their work. In mainland China, Hong Kong and South Korea, we are fortunate to be able to distribute a small number of masks to colleagues. In Singapore, we have made masks available for our employees’ where needed. 

Find out how we can further support and partner you to combat the spread of the coronavirus by reaching out to your WSP contact or write to us at [email protected]