Dalian Software Park II Master Plan Community, China

Prestigious large-scale project in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

The Dalian Software Park occupies a site of approximately 680 hectares, containing six individual parcels with a total GFA of 4.06 million sq.m., which are located between the existing central city of Dalian and the satellite centre of Lushunkou. 

The land parcels include the sea front, valleys and estuary mouth, and each site has its own characteristics, microclimate and opportunities. The project development is to be a major sustainable landmark that creates a distinctive working environment for local and multinational high-tech companies and draws high-tech and cutting edge skills from around the world. 

Our role included developing a set of sustainable development principles and strategies, affordable recommendations and specific and general guidelines for applications to districts, neighbourhoods and buildings for the Dalian Software Park Phase II. Phase II was based on the LEED Neighbourhood Development framework.

We also provided building services engineering consultancy services for this infrastructure master planning design service.

total GFA
4.06 million sq.m 4.06 million sq.m